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About the project

Transmissions and Entanglements is a new research project about inventive methods, technology practices and new forms of knowledge exchange.

Beckie and group

It involves a series of workshops, symposiums and talks by interdisciplinary practitioners designed to explore knowledge exchange in new formats. The project goes beyond simply including visuals or materials in research outputs, to consider them central to new forms of knowledge. It does this by recognising the shift from digital technologies as subject matter and method to critical transmission tools and sites of knowledge. Overall, it is premised on the idea that far from operating as a point of closure, how people make, curate and represent knowledge offers new ways of understanding the social world. It sets out to generate awareness of (and increase value for) alternate ways of representing knowledge.


It emerges from the idea that the popularity of digital technologies has transformed not only the subject matter for many researchers but greatly expanded the possibilities of communicating and circulating findings to new audiences. Yet debate and discussion about the tactics and techniques of translation have lagged behind their widespread use. Looking beyond academic, it sets out to explore, critique and foster knowledge exchange between a range of industry, creative and academic communities and develop key skills and networks for future collaborations.

The project is supported by an ESRC Knowledge Exchange grant (ES/K008048/1), Intel’s Interaction and Experience Research Lab (Portland, Oregon), Goldsmiths Sociology Department, University of London, and also ISTC, University of California, Irvine.