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Conf #3: Fri 13th June – Exhibition launch

The third and final large event in the Live Transmissions event was the exhibition launch of the project ‘Freedom of Movement: the bike, bloomer and female cyclist in late C19th Britain’ (or Bikes & Bloomers for short!). It was held at Look Mum No Hands, a popular bike cafe, bar and workshop in a fantastically [more...]

Conf #3: Thurs 12th June – Symposium

The full day LIVE Transmissions: Critical conversations in crafting, performing and making symposium was held in 310NX Road as per the sewing workshop the day before. It was an invite-only event that brought together a total of 32 amazing people from last year’s symposium along with some new faces. Everyone was there because they are [more...]

Conf #3: Wed 11th June – Public Talk

The full day Bloomer Making Workshop was followed by the second event on the Live Transmissions program – A Public Talk by Jackie Orr, Associate Professor of Sociology at the Maxwell School, Syracuse University.

I was delighted to have Jackie perform her piece Slow Disaster at the Digital Edge as part of the official launch [more...]

Conf #3: Wed 11th June – Bloomer Making Workshop IV

The first event in the four day LIVE Transmissions program was a Bloomer Making Workshop held at 310 New Cross Road, just around the corner from the main Goldsmiths campus. It is a shop on the high street that is managed by the Centre for Arts and Learning and has two main rooms as well [more...]

Conf #3: LIVE Transmissions program – 11-14th June

Conf #3: Participants

Julia Bryan-Wilson | Art History, Berkeley | Nerea Calvillo | Sociology, Goldsmiths | Beckie Coleman | Sociology, Goldsmiths | Sarah Corbett | Founder of Craftivist Collective | Jennifer Gabrys | Sociology, Goldsmiths | Chiara Garanttini | Health Strategy & Solutions Researcher, Intel | Ali Eisa | MA Visual Sociology, [more...]

Bikes & Bloomers launch – Friday 13th June

And more event news – The Bikes & Bloomers exhibition launch poster is out:

Public talk – Jackie Orr: Slow disaster at the digital edge

I’m very excited to announce that Jackie Orr, Associate Professor, Sociology, Maxwell School, Syracuse University (with digital artist Dovar Chen), is coming to Goldsmiths to speak at the opening of the upcoming Live Transmission event in June. Michael Guggenheim, Senior Lecturer, Goldsmiths Sociology, will be responding to Jackie’s talk and there will be drinks to [more...]

Live Transmissions: critical conversations about crafting, performing and making

This is the third event for this project. The first ‘Uses of Inventive Methods’ was at UCI in April 2013. The second ‘Inventive Enactments of the Social’ was in June at Goldsmiths. This time it features a series of critical and creative events curated across a week in June (11-14) designed to explore how we [more...]