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Student Bursary – Marina Da Silva: SÃO PAULO – an unbranded city

For my upcoming MA Visual Sociology dissertation research I would like to analyse how are we affected by commercial visual communication?

In 2007 São Paulo’s mayor Gilberto Kassab enacted a municipal law called ‘Cidade Limpa’ (‘Clean City’) which requires the removal of visual pollution from the urban landscape. This example is what I will [more...]

Student Bursary – Roz Mortimer: Exploring haunting through technology…

For a while now I’ve been engaged with a series of sites in rural Poland where there are unmarked mass graves from WWII. They are the graves of Roma families who were killed at the roadside, in forests and wheat fields. I’ve been using text, moving image and photography to explore ways of animating the [more...]

MA Visual Sociology Student Bursaries

I have been pleased to be involved with the MA Visual Sociology at Goldsmiths this year in a variety of capacities. It’s an exciting new course that puts materials, methods and experimentation at the centre of understanding and communicating social worlds.

I have helped to crit student work, run several training events (16mm filmmaking and [more...]