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Conf #1: Uses of inventive methods

Transmissions and Entanglements: Uses of inventive methods was the first event to launch the project. It was a half day symposium/workshop held on Monday 8th April at the School of Information and Computer Science, University of California.

The initial plan was to hold just one event, but co-ordinating teaching timetables, flights and diaries to [more...]

Conf #1 – Participants

Participants and speakers

Christina Agapakis | Postdoctoral Research Fellow | Synthetic biology, UCLA Chima Anyadike-Danes | PhD candidate | Cultural Anthropology, UCI Tom Boelstorff | Professor of Anthropology | UCI Geof Bowker | Professor of Informatics | Information and Computer Science, UCI Jed Brubaker | PhD candidate | Informatics, UCI Ben Cox [more...]