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16mm film workshop

I am pleased to announce that the project is helping to expose and train Goldsmiths MA Visual Sociology students in 16mm filmmaking at No.W.Here. not only run regular workshops on the equipment available in the lab but we also run wide ranging thematic workshops that combine philosophical and practical ways of thinking and using film and video. Our portfolio are delivered both onsite and offsite and as well as delivering the workshops ourselves also create bespoke workshops run by leading artists in their fields.


Today Brad Butler, artist and co-founded fo No.W.Here came to Goldsmiths to speak to the students about 16mm film. He talked through the history of the medium, some theoretical frameworks for exploring key themes and gave an introduction to basic 16mm film making techniques. I will join the students in a two day workshop to be held mid November and I look forward to showcasing their (and my) experiments and explorations on the blog.


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