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INCITE-ing Transformation in Social Research

Event poster

Event poster

I gave a talk about my critical making practice at the recent INCITE seminar on Saturday 12th October - INCITE-ing Transformation in Social Research: Inventive dialogues between sociology, technology development and creative practice.

It brought together speakers from sociology, technology development, design and art history. Talks addressed the impact of the work of INCITE - Incubator for Critical Inquiry into Technology and Enquiry – over the last decade and look forward to the new theoretical and methodological agendas which are being forged by its former students and researchers.

The event featured contributions from eight speakers who had been aligned to INCITE at some point throughout the last ten years. It was quickly oversubscribed by MA Visual Sociology and Digital Sociology students as well as other related courses.

Some of the questions that speakers addressed:

What are the opportunities and challenges for social research and sociological methodology as they encounter the worlds of technology development and design?

Does social research emerge more creative and inventive in these collaborative engagements, or merely face series of disappointments?

Is it a process of translation or transformation? How can we think critically about such attempts to participate in making?

My talk – You’re Going to Make What? Reflecting on critical making practice at INCITE – focused specifically on the ‘Transmissions and Entanglements’ project featuring work on ‘Freedom of Movement‘ and pointed to how my approach had been developed via my training at INCITE.

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