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Conf #2: Inventive enactments of the social

Transmissions and Entanglements: Inventive enactments of the social was the second event in the project.
A detailed writeup is here.
This time it was located in London and was comprised of three events over three days.

1. Public Lecture
Thursday 13th June
Room 326, New Academic Building
17.00 – 19.00, followed by refreshments
This event brings together speakers whose work focuses on digital technologies as a way of translating research findings in inventive ways. Presentations address how the popularity of digital technologies may transform not only the subject matter of research, but may also greatly expand the possibilities of communicating and circulating findings to and with new audiences. Our discussion will look beyond conventional ‘knowledge transfer’ to open up ideas of other forms of transmission and entanglement with bodies, technologies and public spaces.
The Place of the Mobile: Emplaced cartographies, camera phone ethnographies and locative media games
Larissa Hjorth is Associate Professor and co-director of the Digital Ethnography Research Centre (DERC) in the School of Media & Communication, RMIT University, Australia.
Inviting and being invited
Åsa Ståhl and Kristina Lindström are artists working at the Media and Communication Studies at Malmö University, Sweden. Their collaborative practice involves exploring the body in public spaces using physical and digital platforms.
Nina Wakeford, Reader in Sociology and co-editor (with C. Lury) of ‘Inventive Methods: The happening of the social’, Routledge.
The event was supported by Intel and Goldsmiths Sociology Department.

2. Invited workshop/symposium
Friday 14th June
Centre for Creative Collaboration, 16 Acton Street, Kings Cross, WC1X 9NG
The day long event is jam packed with fantastic people talking in three themed blocks and followed by a speed ‘knowledge transmission’ session.

James Leach - Professor of Anthropology at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland.
Mel Gregg – Senior Researcher in Residence, Intel’s Science and Technology Centre for Social Computing, UCI.
Michael Guggenheim – Senior Lecturer, Department of Sociology, Goldsmiths

Craig Martin – Senior Lecturer in Design Context, University of Edinburgh
Nina Wakeford – Reader in Sociology, Goldsmiths.
Goetz Bachmann – Senior lecturer, Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths

Learning by doing
Matt Ratto - Assistant Professor and director of the Critical Making lab in the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto (via skype)
Bernd Kräftner – Principal Investigator Shared Inc. & Senior Lecturer University of Applied Arts, Dept. Science & Art / Vienna
Beckie Coleman – Sociology lecturer, Lancaster University

Paul Dourish – Professor of Informatics in the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences at the University of California, Irvine,

Speed Knowledge Transmission session – 8x 8min presentations
“A knowledge transmission proposal, process or problem”
In our ‘Speed Knowledge Transmission session’ each participant will have 8 minutes to present their research topic and a methodological challenge in relation to the mode of knowledge transmission of their work (actual or anticipated). We’d like presenters to focus on one current problem/impasse they are tackling, with regards, for example, to data collection/analysis, connecting with respondents, sharing, communicating, making, presenting or circulating results. Given the theme of the workshop we are particularly interested in the possibilities of re-imagining ‘inventive’ modes of transmitting knowledge. Feel free to be adventurous with your 8 minutes – for example contributions could attempt to enact the problem!

3. Breakfast, talk ideas and plan stuff
Saturday 15th June

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