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Student Bursary – Marina Da Silva: SÃO PAULO – an unbranded city


For my upcoming MA Visual Sociology dissertation research I would like to analyse how are we affected by commercial visual communication?

In 2007 São Paulo’s mayor Gilberto Kassab enacted a municipal law called ‘Cidade Limpa’ (‘Clean City’) which requires the removal of visual pollution from the urban landscape. This example is what I will be researching for next year’s MA Visual Sociology dissertation project.

What were the consequences of this radical change?

Using different sensorial tools I hope to be able to represent the data entanglements of this project. Photography could be used as not only data collection but as a way to represent data and capture an atmosphere. Specially as this law hoped to eliminate the “visual pollution” created by advertising as illustrated by Tony de Marco’s photo essay. Video and sound recording will be indispensable methods to exemplify the context of the project and hopefully be able to collect data that will show the different feelings and opinions generated by this law.

Photos by Tony De Marco

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